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What is Block-Builder

Block-Builder is a tiny text-based CMS engine, all in a short program of less then 10KByte, written in REBOL. It's really small but give you power to aggregate html block to build complex website, basing on simple html block replacing mechanism.

It is based on simple label replacing engine, but very powerfull, and on many simple rules to define the label body and to aggregate html/javascipt/block blocks all toghether.

Block-Builder is an investigation on how much simple and minimal a CMS can be. Actually it's still at a core level, without no gui interface, just a little engine script, and it's to be intended as CMS for expert Html coders. But i'm working to build up as soon as possible a gui interface, possibly also a web server application with back-end and front-end. It's also an investigation on Rebol programming features ...

Replacing concept is not new, but Block-Builder want to be (in pure Rebol philosopy) simple, minimal and fast in producing html documentations or web sites.

Block-Builder is Free and Open Source. Al this young level of development it's only an investigation in the CMS fields and in REBOL applications, not a program to buy. You can download it and use it and modify as you want.